IMG_3097Welcome to the Fresh Milk … Baby, a breastfeeding blog. Author Ginger Main Chun, IBCLC, RLC serves as an international board certified lactation consultant and La Leche League Leader providing breastfeeding help in San Antonio, Texas. A partner in The MILC Group – Modern Initiatives in Lactation & Childbirth, she loves helping families work towards their breastfeeding and parenting goals.

Breastfeeding is the biological norm, the way babies are born to be fed. It is also more than just a way to feed your baby. However, some mothers find it offers some challenges or brings up questions. Support for these challenges and questions increase your chances of breastfeeding success. Getting breastfeeding help or taking breastfeeding classes can assist with this. A breastfeeding support group can help as well.

The MILC Group offers breastfeeding consulting, a Breastfeeding Essentials classes as well as other breastfeeding education and lactation support services in San Antonio. You can visit us at our Breastfeeding Center located inside Go Baby Go at 6104 Broadway, #C4, San Antonio, TX 78209 by appointment. We also help families with breastfeeding housecalls. We offer the services of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants.

You can reach the lactation consultants of The MILC Group for breastfeeding help at 210-960-MILC or at info@themilcgroup.com. We provide services in San Antonio and surrounding areas. For more information you can check out our webpage. You can find a lactation consultant in your area through the International Lactation, Consultant Association. You can find free mother-to-mother support at La Leche League International or Breastfeeding USA. Ginger can be reached at freshmilkbaby@gmail.com

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