Pinterest for Breastfeeding Information

New mothers turn to the Internet more and more for breastfeeding help and support. Social media is the new support group. Where do mothers go? One source for everything and anything is Pinterest and it holds true as a source for breastfeeding help as well. Search sore nipples and you get hundreds of tips, tricks and remedies. My business The MILC Group is even pinning now. We pin from our blog as well as fun things we find on the Internet.

Judge your resources carefully. Make sure they are unbiased and evidence based not just one mama’s opinion. Although another mama’s support and experience is great, it is important to know that each breastfeeding pair is different and some things share may be “old wives tales’ or not accurate. One example you can find on Pinterest is a list of foods that breastfeeding moms should and should not eat. This is not based on truth. In reality one mother might be able to eat whatever she wants and other will have to eliminate one or two things and yet another (in the small minority) will have to be on a very retricted diet.

Love your Pinterest, but choose your pins carefully!




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